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Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist Near Bethnal Green & Hackney

Chrysanth Dental Care offers a number of dental hygiene treatments for its patients of Hackney (Mare Street) & Bethnal Green (Cambridge Heath). We assess a patient’s condition in order to offer patient-specific preventative and educational services to promote and maintain good oral health. The use of therapeutic methods assists patients in controlling the oral disease.

Why is it important to keep your gums and teeth healthy?

Our professional scaling and polishing treatment plays an important role in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. It’s very difficult to keep your mouth healthy without having regular check-ups at the dentists. The scaling and polishing service allows the dentists to remove the bacteria which you may not be able to reach when brushing your teeth.

Seeing a professional hygienist once a year can have many benefits for your oral health and can help prevent issues occurring such as gum disease, tooth staining, bleeding gums, bad breath, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

Airflow Hygiene Services

In our continuous endeavour to bring our patients the very best in dental advancements, we have invested in Air-Flow, to further enhance our dental hygienist and implant treatment services. The Air-Flow allows us to achieve many things which the more basic polisher cannot, for the benefit of your oral health and brighten your smile. 

Staining is essentially the discolouration of teeth and is extremely common among adults. While teeth naturally vary in shade due to the thickness of enamel covering the dentine, surface staining is generally caused by one or several factors, including red wine, tea, coffee, various foods and smoking.

What is Air-Flow and How does it work?

Our Air-flow is a non-invasive and professional stain removal procedure that tackles stubborn stains which are difficult to remove with normal polish.

Air-Flow uses sodium bicarbonate powder, air and a gentle jet stream of water to gently and painlessly remove surface stains and plaque. It is kind to the tooth surface and will significantly improve the brightness and give a noticeably sparkling fresh healthy mouth in an instant. The results are usually instant, leaving teeth smooth, bright and clean, you will immediately see and feel the difference. 

Is Air-Flow right for me?

The Air-Flow treatment is suitable for anyone looking for healthier teeth, healthier gums and a brighter smile! From light staining to more severe stains; Air-Flow significantly improves the brightness of each tooth, providing noticeably, sparkling, healthy teeth. Air-Flow can clean interdental areas which are hard to reach with normal polish. This treatment is also an excellent option prior to tooth whitening treatments. Additionally, it is also great for a quick fix for special occasions such as holidays, weddings and job interviews.

Cleaning braces and other orthodontic appliances 

The spray of airflow is the ideal solution for cleaning orthodontic appliances and for patients undergoing Invisalign treatment. The powder spray is comfortable and perfectly safe to use on bracket surfaces, removing any build-up of plaque or surface staining to the bracket or tooth.

Does it Hurt?

No, those with sensitive teeth who find ultrasonic scaling treatments too uncomfortable often prefer the gentle Air-Flow treatment.  The Airflow unit directs a fine spray of water and powder onto the surface of the teeth, therefore cleans without any contact with the tooth surface. People who generally find dental cleaning very sensitive or require numbing prior to cleaning, find that they can have their teeth cleaned comfortably using this method.

Can Air-Flow be used to treat gum disease?

One of the major benefits of Airflow is in treating gum disease. It is an advanced treatment for sustained bacteria reduction. This method removes the sticky sheet of bacteria, known as biofilm, which sits around teeth and gums. Biofilm develops when dental plaque is colonised by harmful bacteria and is the main cause of gum disease. Breaking down this biofilm has been shown to be a crucial aspect in treating gum disease, tooth decay and keeping gums and teeth healthy.

Can I still have Air-flow treatment if I have dental implants?

Yes! The powder used with Air-flow is gentle, unlike regular scalers, it is safe to use with dental implants, without risk of causing scratches or scuffing.  It has been proven to decisively contribute to the long-term preservation of implants. 

Main benefits of Air-Flow treatment:

  • Pain-free treatment
  • Minimally invasive and comfortable procedure
  • Can remove heavy build-up plaque faster and more easily than basic scale and polish
  • Can remove stubborn surface stains on your teeth
  • Makes whitening procedures more effective by removing build-up which could hinder the whitening process
  • Brighter and healthier smile after a single visit
  • Can be used on veneers, crowns, bridges, and implants
  • Cleaning braces and other orthodontic appliances

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Our dental Hygienist Services starts from £80 and our Airflow Hygiene services cost £120

● Scale and Polish £80 weekday
● Scale and Polish £90 weekend (take
● Air Flow £120

*We require a non-refundable deposit to
secure your weekend appointment. If you
fail to attend or cancel on short notice the
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