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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

£650 per unit.

We also offer Maryland Bridges at £795.

Dental bridges are a good replacement of one or more missing teeth.
The bridges are made of two or more crowns that fill the unsightly gaps left by broken, damaged or worn down teeth.

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Dental bridges are used to restore your mouth to its full potential when you have missing teeth.

Gaps in your teeth can be really unsightly. It can affect your confidence as well as your dental hygiene and potentially your speech. When a problem with a gap is noted by your dentist, the answer may be to bridge the gap with false teeth or to use the correct name – Pontics.

You need to know:

1) If you need a dental bridge. Even with a gap in your teeth a bridge might not be necessary.

2) What sort of procedure you need. There are different procedures for different dental situations. And;

3) What will it cost me?

All these questions can be answered during a consultation with us. Book an appointment today and speak to us about your concerns. Our friendly dentists offer honest advice backed by years of experience and expertise.

If a bridge is required and you decide to go ahead with us, you will receive the highest quality care and the finest quality dental prosthesis. We do not scrimp on the materials that we use and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver perfection to our clients. All this means that the bridge will feel comfortable and sturdy in your mouth and enable you to rely on them confidently when chewing away at your food.

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